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SIEMENS Elevator

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The Best Elevator Company in Bangladesh

Started its journey in the field of Vertical transportation since 2018 with Jiangsu Xide Elevator Co.Ltd, who is the long term strategic partner of SIEMENS (Automation & Drive System).  SIEMENS Elevator Metaland Technology Ltd. became the popular household name for its continuous efforts and developing skilled manpower engaged in the service and maintenance for the elevators and escalators. As our slogan is “Inspiring The Future” so that we have always been focusing on ensuring best quality, safety and convenience for our every consumers and users. All of our equipment are top of the line , promising optimum reliability and quality service while making no compromises at security and safety protection. As a company we are constantly evolving, trying our best to bring new scientific innovations into reality and we are sure that you will find this animation very easy to understand and it would enable you to learn more about our company and products.

Now, we have awarded with the Authorized Exclusive Distributorship in Bangladesh of the world famous Elevator Germany Brand namely SIEMENS Elevator Metaland Technology Ltd..


Turning scientific innovations into the reality:

We are attempting our best to implement new scientific innovations into our product lines.

Adaptation and consistency:

We actually listen to our consumers, bringing their thoughts and demands into our services

Top of the line safety and standard:

We promise to deliver the best product while providing top quality products

Adherence to common values:

Our work and operations are based around high integrity values such as honesty, credibility and transparency.


We believe we live in a dangerous world, therefore our utopia is one where no man needs to sacrifice anything for the promise of common safety. We believe in a world where no compromises are made to insure a good and healthy life for everyone.

Speech of honorable Chairman & Managing Director

“Safety and Security should be the synonym of us and that is what we promise our customers to deliver.
We work in an industry where the safety of thousand people depends on us and if we do not deliver our
promised performance then the consequences maybe more chaotic than one can imagine. This is why
we push our capabilities every moment to ensure another sunny day to our customers.”

Shaila Ferdous


“I think the most important thing for us is to build trust and make our customers feel safe. We promise
to deliver the latest technology and most efficient form of machineries to sustain power consumption
and to assure safety and security. WE believe that customers satisfaction and trust can only be earned
by the excellent quality of products and services and willing to go and extra mile to do so.”

Nazrul Islam

Managing Director