Automatic sidewalk

Product Details:

Automatic sidewalk overview:

Simens automatic sidewalk brings shopping to a comfortable and comfortable realm. People can get to every corner of the building smoothly and safely, even pushing full carts. The fashion taste of industrial technology integration, the globally recognized escalator and automatic sidewalk expert – Siemens, this reliable and durable solution is indispensable for any high quality shopping experience. Siemens automatic sidewalk, from the beginning of the design put safety first, and through strict on-site testing, to ensure maximum safety.

The superior performance of of the automatic sidewalk

The structure of is compact and the strain is free. The short treadle greatly reduces the space span and makes the whole structure more compact. It can adapt to the structure of the building flexibly and save the valuable building space for the customers. The horizontal and inclined product planning series enables customers to choose freely according to their layout. The colourful decorative effect; the handrails have diverse styles, which can meet the individual needs of different environments. The stamping pattern type front plate is beautiful and generous, and has a three-dimensional sense. High quality stainless steel is used inside and outside the cover plate. Conforming to the quality / safety standard; stable and reliable investment; unparalleled economy; the automatic sidewalk fully uses advanced manufacturing technology to greatly improve the performance of the product and prolong the use cycle of the whole machine. The direct effect is to reduce the operating cost of the customer, the variable frequency drive technology can be selected and the efficiency of energy saving is obvious. In order to minimize the running cost of the whole machine.