1. You can find mature and trust-worthy skills and attitude from Siemens installation engineers and average technical workers. They consistently execute the installation procedure of ISO9001 Quality Management System so that every installation detail is under strict quality control to maintain high-quality installation.

2. As the elevator enters the phase of installation and commissioning, buildings usually begin to be delivered. Therefore, the degree of intensive control over every detail and process has a direct impact on the interests of developers, property managers and owners. Siemens project supervision staff for elevator installation has nearly 20 years of professional experience. By accurately controlling the manufacturing cycle, Siemens will install elevators on site at the most appropriate time, with an accurate grasp of all kinds of complex installation environment. Years of practice has proven that Siemens always pleases the owners despite the hectic delivery of buildings.

Elevator Delivery:

1. Prior to delivery, Siemens after-sales service department dispatches engineers and quality control staff to test the elevator ready for delivery by the installation department, to ensure that the elevator
delivered to the customer meets national acceptance criteria.

2. Having been qualified after acceptance checks, Siemens after-sales service department sends personnel to conduct 4000 times of commissioning on the elevator (a three-day commissioning for escalators) to timely resolve the problems during commissioning.

3. Siemens sends experts to communicate with and train the user on the use of elevators and
considerations of daily management. The company also provides operation training to the personnel assigned by the user. All these efforts are to ensure normal operation of elevators after delivery.

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