Siemens Freight Elevator – CRP (XD-J09)

Siemens freight elevator is specially designed for business offices. Electrostatic Powder Spraying Electrostatic powder car design, simple and elegant bright and warm colors, Harmonies atmosphere.

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Siemens Freight Elevator

Siemens freight elevator is a specialized elevator system. You will get a fantastic experience with dramatic features like;

  • Specially designed for business offices
  • Electrostatic powder spraying
  • Electrostatic powder car design
  • Simple but elegant bright and warm colors
  • Harmonies atmosphere

Specifications of Siemens Freight Elevator:

Lift-car walls: hairline finished stainless steel mirror etched stainless steel
  • Front lift-car walls: hairline finished stainless steel
  • Steering handle wheel: hairline finished stainless steel
  • Lift-car door: hairline finished stainless steel
  • Floor: PVC
  • Ceiling: Hairline stainless steel downlight

Used in over 150 Customers, our lifts can handle heavy loads up to 2000kg. Metaland Technology Limited is the Guaranteed freight lift supplier in Bangladesh