Core Components

Siemens Door Motor

The imported Siemens door motor with full English steel brand logo guarantees the reliable operation of the door motor and the high precise door-opening movement, achieves precise digital control, provides precise moment, and realizes the door motor energy saving.

Control platform

The design is beautiful and space saving.The appearance of the control cabinet is novel and artistic, and the wiring tidy and concise. The various switches, relays and contractors are all manufactured by Germany Siemens, the workmanship is fine, reflecting the constant rigorous and perfection-pursuing style of the German industry. Excellent heat dissipation, long service life The control cabinet design is completely in accordance with the international IEC standard, and the resistance cable uses anti-aging wires that are able to resist 300 degrees of high temperature, which are able to ensure the high reliability and aging resistance of the control cabinet and extend the service life of the control cabinet. Anti-interference, small radiation The control cabinet has comprehensively passed the electromagnetic compatibility EMC testing required by the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC255, and it is able to guarantee the elevator’s stable operation and prevent the extreme interference from the peripheral equipment. The electromagnetic radiation is extremely low so as to reduce the harm of electromagnetic radiation to human bodies.

Double 32-bit military level Control System (Mother Board)

Germany Siemens digital control technology applies military-level highly-integrated double 32 bit CPU chip (mother board), the chips operates independently, and the input and output information is completely isolated. The mutual independence and sharing of the control data and the information data effectively guarantee the reliable operation of the elevator.

Siemens Frequency Converter

High-performance vector frequency converter imported from Germany Siemens realizes the digital seamless cohesion of the master control system and drag. The open programming platform operates in smooth and comfortable curves which results in the realization of the high-efficiency, safe, and comfort operation of the elevator.The system has many kinds of special functions such as over-speed protection, speed deviation detection, forced slow down judgment, motor overheating detection and so on, and the overall control is perfect and harmonious.

Siemens Contractor

Siemens Contractor

Siemens contractor is made by advanced techniques and high grade raw material. Further, to ensure the quality of our provided range, it is stringently examined on various parameters. This contractor is widely used in the electrical industry, and can be availed from us in a variety of specifications. Siemens contractor is highly appreciated for their features like easy operation, easy installation, high performance and excellent durability.

PMS Gearless Motor

PMS Gearless Motor

Advanced PMS tractor makes new breakthroughs in the aspects of sine wave in the air-gap magnetic field and back EMF sine wave, and realizes the magnetic field orientated control. Meanwhile, the start and braking characteristics are superior.

The elevators possess up to 5 invention patents, they have the advantageous characteristics of tiny torque, high efficiency, optimal energy saving effect and smooth torque, and the transmission efficiency is more than 95%. The components are designed for high performances, and their service-life is as long as 20 years.