Siemens Elevator Bangladesh

Siemens Elevator Bangladesh By Metaland Technology Limited

Metaland Technology Limited is the respected provider of elevator and escalator with unmatched customer service.

Starting its journey in this field for only two years, It has became the fastest growing elevator company ever.

The elevator is a most important piece of equipment to keep up the momentum of your business. With our 24/7 service we can take care of your business very well to keep up and running.

We provide service, repairing, modernization and new installation of any elevator brand. Our precision machine shop can extend the life of your legacy equipment.

Our technicians and engineers are highly experienced to solve any problem at any situation. We can give you top notch safety and productivity what your business require the most.  

Metaland Technology Limited is the provider of all kinds of siemens elevator like passenger elevator, vila elevator, medical and so on.

If you have any question regarding elevator buying and elevator maintenance please let us know by contacting us with your question. We will reach in you within 24 hours.