Sightseeing Elevator Details

Remote monitoring function

Through the cable or wireless communication module, in the remote monitoring center of the elevator operation status and the elevator passenger situation in real time monitoring, so that the fault before the occurrence of the removal, to ensure the safety of passengers.

Digital frequency conversion technology

Advanced vector transformation technology can adjust the speed in real time according to the comfort requirement of human body. High speed digital signal processing system is more sensitive and accurate for speed control of traction machines, and reduces the vibration of elevator to the limit. The latest low noise control technology greatly reduces the noise of elevators and makes the elevator run smoothly and smoothly. According to the actual load and up and down speed of the car, through the adjustment of the size and phase of the current, the rotational torque of the main engine is controlled in real time to ensure the smooth running state of the elevator.

Adopts super high speed elevator serial control system

Control system adopts double 32 bit network intelligent serial communication elevator special control system. The speed of CPU operation is greatly improved by this system. Four layer board surface mount technology, CAN bus serial communication, thus ensuring a large number of data transmission at high speed and reliability.

Adopts terminal reduction technology

Ultra high speed elevator requires a longer buffer distance, and if the car can reach a lower value before the car reaches the terminal buffer, the depth of the bottom pit and the height of the top layer can be reduced accordingly. The use of terminal stroke reduction technology is to shorten the buffer stroke under the premise of ensuring the safety of the system.

High integrated intelligent control system

Full computer intelligent control system realizes the multi microcomputer, modularization and network control, and improves the data processing speed to a great extent. The high intelligent computer module set in the system is the most safe, accurate and efficient management control for the computer operation.

Microcomputer group control management system

The group control system of SE series elevator is a high-speed network processing nerve center. It uses the “fuzzy calculation” method, based on the efficient and rapid genetic algorithm, calculates the best way of elevator operation in the building, and chooses the best and most timely ladder scheme for passengers.

Target layer reservation wizard system

according to the optimized allocation of different target elevators, even at the peak period of work, the number of passengers is relatively reduced (compared with the previous generation system), allowing passengers to take a leisurely pace. Several elevators have been allocated different target layers, reducing the number of stops and providing more efficient services for passengers.

Intelligent staircase system

Passengers only need to choose the target floor on the keyboard or touch screen before entering the elevator. The system will arrange suitable elevators for passengers to reach the designated floors.
A, the malpractice of stopping the traditional elevator by layer by layer
B, creating a more orderly environment
C, effective improvement of commuter hours congestion phenomenon

Remote monitoring function

Through the cable or wireless communication module, in the remote monitoring center of the elevator operation status and the elevator passenger situation in real time monitoring, so that the fault before the occurrence of the removal, to ensure the safety of passengers.

ID/ IC card (identity)

ID/ IC card is used to control the use of elevators. Only with ID/ IC card can the elevator be used, which greatly strengthens the safety of building management and makes users more comfortable.

New generation of permanent magnet synchronous gear free traction machine

Germany SE series elevator is the pioneer of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction technology, and has opened up a new generation of energy-saving elevator. Its core technology based on the concept of environmental protection successfully represents the future development direction of elevators. Energy saving, saving space, reducing construction cost and elevator operation cost are the core characteristics of the core technology in the industry. And thoroughly solved the problem of environmental pollution caused by oil leakage from traditional tractors, and achieved the maintenance free and environmental protection requirements of motors..

SE series energy regeneration and feedback device

Can recycle up to 25% of the energy consumed by the elevator. Especially when the lift is loaded or loaded, the energy generated by the motor will be converted into resistance heat energy and wasted. However, the SE series of elevator energy regeneration and feedback devices will convert electrical energy into the normal electric current corresponding to the power grid, so that these newly generated currents can be used on other electrical equipment in the building to achieve substantial energy efficiency.

LED energy saving lighting

Uses the DC drive LED lighting as the interior lighting. The power consumption is very low and the electric light power conversion is close to 100%. Under the same lighting effect, it can save more than 80% of the energy saving compared with the traditional light source.

Automatic lighting in sedan chair

Uses the automatic lighting technology in the sedan chair, fully considering the humanization and energy saving and environmental protection requirements, to ensure that the light is in the state of extinguishing when no one is used, and does not consume electrical energy. When someone uses it, it opens automatically, runs low consumption and saves the power of.

Precise position control system

The advanced sensor of carries out high precision real-time signal feedback on the motion state of the motor rotor, and realizes the precision of the car positioning in the well track to reach the millimeter level, and realizes the flat layer with almost no error. The reliable car displacement memory technology ensures the function of the elevator to stop the station, open the door ahead and maintain the safety level.

Gate machine control system

The control system of the SE series elevator adopts a double control system, one is controlled by the main controller of the control cabinet and the other is controlled by the main board in the sedan chair, which greatly reduces the failure of the elevator to open the door because of the failure of the control system of the door.

Light screen protection

SE series elevator, the use of sensitive and dense infrared light screen, the elevator door to form a light screen protection safety net, for any person or object into its detection plane can make a sensitive reaction, high safety performance, import and export.